What We Do

We work with people.
We work with people to create places, to create new experiences, to interpret our clients’ visions into reality.


YHD is an interior architecture and design studio that offers a highly creative, practical and ultimately personal service for residential, commercial and hospitality spaces.

Together with our clients, we refine the project’s program and definitions. Based on that work, we develop an overall architectural system and design that serves our clients on all levels, perfectly tailored to his vision, needs and requirements- whether as a comfortable and harmonious residential space or a profitable business.

We see our projects through to their realization. We accompany and supervise the entire process from the planning stages, through construction to completion, ensuring that the work meets our standards, and that completion is consistent with the timetable and budgetary framework that we defined with the client.

We understand the significant amount of time, energy and budget invested by our clients, and we are here to support and assist in realizing the project in the most comfortable and pleasant way possible.

We view our clients as partners and we believe that the basis of any project is honesty, credibility, responsibility, and transparency.

Our Process

  • 01


    - Get to know our clients, their needs, and their requirements
    - Develop a budgetary framework
    - Develop a timetable for the project

  • 02

    Idea & Concept

    - Define a system of ideas to guide the design process
    - Create a written and visual representation in order to communicate our ideas

  • 03


    - An iterative design process that develops the ultimate plans for the project
    - Detailed construction drawings
    - Define the material palate and develop custom details

  • 04


    - Supervise construction to completion
    - Selection and purchase of furniture, lighting and accessories

About Yuval

I founded the studio in 2006 out of the desire and passion for creating and designing unique, varied and challenging spaces, atmospheres and elements.

A dreamy child that grew up to be a planner and a passionate designer. A man of details, a technical guy, a maker, a modeler, a materials lover. My demanding aesthetic standards come from seeking truth and honesty in design.

After studying industrial Design at Bezalel Academy and practicing in the field, I worked in many related disciplines and developed into a passionate interior designer. My diverse professional background gives my work a strong edge in harmonizing custom detailed interiors. As an integral part of my practice, I develop courses and have taught disciplines of design in various colleges and published on the subject.

When I put down my pencil, you’ll find me swimming in the Mediterranean waters in the early hours of the mornings, cooking scrumptious dishes in the kitchen, and building motorcycles.